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Hello we are Flexie and gamexdifficulty. This is our entry for the GMTK game Jam 2021. We programmed this game in python/pygame. This is Flexie´s 2. Jam and gamexdifficulty´s 5. Jam.

The Story:
Some Aliens captureed you on your home Planet. They want to test the intelligence of your kind.

Push boxes onto the buttons, but all boxes are linked togetherso you have to think carefully about your next step.

Move with W,A,S,D
If you get Stuck ---Reset with R---

Install instructions

Press the download button and you download will start in a second.

If you somehow get a Warning by any Anti Virus software, you can just execute the main.py file(it is the source code).

If you want to play with the code/game you can open editor.py and create your own levels just change the name in the variable "level_name" to your level name and add the name to the list  "level_row" in main.py like so: [...,'new_level'].

If there are any other mistakes please let us know we will fix it as soon we can.


Box and Buttons V1.0.zip 55 MB
Box and Buttons game jam.zip 56 MB

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