Hi I am gamexdifficulty from Frostlight games and this is my first official Pico-8 game.

You play as this little slimedude and have to get to the chest but the dungeon is filled with hidden spikes, so be carefule where you step.

-Move with your Arrow Keys 

-Select with "X"

-Change Color with "C"

-Pause with "Return"

You can also play with any Controller.

There are 14 levels and a speedruntimer. So be fast and post your personal best in the comments or on our Discord Server(maybe there will be a reward) the link is below:


Now enjoy playing ;)

If you want to see the devlog click the video bellow:

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip the Folder and start "Threadful Dungeon.exe".

Linux: Unzip the Folder and double click "Threadful Dungeon"(file)

MacOS: Unzip the Folder and go to Contents -> MacOS -> and double click "Threadful Dungeon"(file)

Raspberry Pi: Unzip the Folder and double click "Threadful Dungeon"(file)


Threadful Dungeon Windows.zip 954 kB
Threadful Dungeon Mac.zip 3 MB
Threadful Dungeon Linux.zip 526 kB
Threadful Dungeon Raspi.zip 741 kB
Threadful Dungeon.png 19 kB

Development log


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Last level is impossible

Thanks for reaching out, i will fix the last level as soon as i can ^

Sorry i took so long the game is fixed now ^^